Featured Product: RJ45 Boots and Connectors

When it comes to networking cables, you can't truly get connected without our RJ45 Boots and Connectors! Learn how they put the final touches on network installations and provide quality connections and terminations. 


Who is it for?

Those installing or maintaining a home or office network.

What problem does it solve?

Connects Ethernet cables and Ethernet networks to printers, computers, network storage devices, DSL modems, and many other devices compatible with an RJ45 cable connection. RJ45 Snagless Boots complete the look of patch cables and protect the plug clip when cables are pulled through bundles.

Standout features:

  • CAT5e and CAT6 RJ45 Connectors available in shielded and unshielded
  • Individual styles and colors available in bags of 50
  • Allows for a clean installation
  • RJ45 Snagless Boots available in 7 colors

Bottom line for our distribution partners:

Your customers will enjoy the quality and performance our RJ45 Connectors provide, offering them a smart solution for their custom network installation needs. The construction of the connectors helps to ensure a quick and clean installation so that projects can be finished in a timely manner. Customers will also appreciate the option of getting a professional-looking finish for their patch cables and protecting them with our RJ45 Snagless Boots.