Featured Product: Relay Racks

Choosing the right housing for network equipment can be cumbersome. Learn about our Relay Racks and the distinct advantages they bring to server rooms! 


Who is it for?

System administrators and other IT professionals/enthusiasts.

What problem does it solve?

Provides unobstructed airflow and fast access to network equipment in a practical way.

Standout features:

  • Available in 2 Post and 4 Post
  • 2 Post available in steel or aluminum
  • Convenient and economical way to organize server equipment
  • Compatible with latest standards
  • Numerous accessories available
  • Competitive price

Bottom line for our distribution partners:

Our relay racks conserve floor space for end-users and provide unrestricted airflow to their network equipment for maximum ventilation. They are an affordable alternative to cabinets and offer easy access to cables for moves, adds, changes, and other cable management tasks. A perfect solution for end-users desiring network equipment housing that is economical and uncomplicated.