Featured Product: Full-Motion TV Mounts

Full-Motion TV Mounts extend, retract, tilt, and swivel to bring the best viewing angle to every seat in a room. See our selection and find out why they're the perfect solution for rooms with more than one usual viewing spot!  


Who is it for?

Professionals or DIYers looking to install an extremely flexible flat panel TV wall mount that can be angled after installation for maximum viewing experience. 

What problem does it solve?

Allows the greatest range of movement for mounted flat panel TV's and ensures they are always at the perfect viewing angle, no matter the location.

Standout features:

  • Comprehensive line available ranging from mounts for 13 - 70" TV's
  • Wall and ceiling mounts available
  • High quality, durable, and versatile
  • Simple to install - instructions included
  • Warranty: Limited 10 year
  • Competitive price

Bottom line for our distribution partners:

End-users will find our Full-Motion TV Mounts ideal for open air rooms (ex. kitchen, living room) where viewers sit in a variety of locations. Viewers in an adjacent room, or in a spot with continuously changing glare, especially benefit from these types of mounts. The mounts also open up unique installation possibilities (ex. hiding a flat panel TV into an armoire with the ability to extend it outwards for viewing). End-users can use these mounts in corners, cabinets, recessed locations, and other situations where the flat panel TV needs to pull out and swivel.