Featured Product: 10 AWG Copper Ground Wire

Have you ever attempted an electrical DIY at home, but learn you have left out one valuable component? We have the solution that could save you from a dangerous situation. To help protect your installations, Vericom offers Copper Ground Wire. Our copper ground wire is extremely durable and can be used with conduit. Copper ground wire is designed to protect against an electrical fault (high voltage) in which you would need the circuit breaker to trip instantly. 


Vericom Copper Ground wire offers the following features:

10 AWG

  • Packaging: 500 ft plastic spool
  • Conductors: 10 and 14 AWG Solid Bare Copper
  • Insulation: Heat and Moisture resistant PVC
  • Insulation Color: Green
  • Jacket: Heat and Light Stabilized Nylon
  • UL Listed
  • RoHS compliant
  • HughesNet and DirecTV approved
  • Cable Type: THHN-THWN-2
  • Wet Operating Temp: 60 Celsius for oil/ 90 Celsius for water
  • Dry Operating Temp: 105 Celsius
  • 10 AWG Spool Dimensions: Plastic spool is 8.5” height x 6.5” width
  • 10 AWG Master pack quantity: 2 spools. Each spool sold individually.
  • 10 AWG Spool Weight:  9lbs.
  • 14 AWG Spool Dimensions: Plastic spool is 4.625” height x 6.5” width
  • 14 AWG Master pack quantity: 4 spools. Each spool sold individually.
  • 14 AWG Spool Weight: 8 lbs.